BlendPH, Lucky Cup Beverage Trading Sign MOA

Jul 26, 2021

We have seen small enterprising Filipinos latch on to the food franchise wagon. When it happens right in the middle of the pandemic, we cannot help but think, the concept has got to be good enough to command attention. That is exactly how Lucky Cup Beverage Trading, BlendPH’s new franchising partner, set out to launch its milktea and food business, and lost no time encouraging other Filipinos to follow suit.

While most other small businesses were floundering a few months since the initial nationwide lockdown, two sisters mustered the courage in June 2020 to start their flagship franchise business under their company Lucky Cup Beverage Trading.  With steely determination, siblings Jo Marie Tagle and Toni Rose Tagle propped up what would prove to be a viable business for over a hundred franchisees in a short span of time: premium Japanese milk tea.

Ikigai stands out because of its carefully crafted Japanese milk tea recipes that use high-end ingredients. The franchise opportunity has caught on with lots of aspiring entrepreneurs because the end-product is not only delicious but affordable as well. Menu offerings include the bubble tea and variations; premium milk tea; regular milk tea with flavors like  taro, java chips, salted caramel, red velvet, etc.; premium yogurt selection, cheesecake series, and premium fruit teas.

Interestingly, it was not just the product distribution aspect that the Tagle sisters devoted attention to, but also basic and advanced training for milktea business. This is especially suited for individuals who still cannot afford to pursue franchising but want  to learn the ropes of making the Japanese-style milk tea, and use their own brand.

A two-in-one milktea and egg waffle training at P1,499 per head is offered. It is scheduled by appointment.

Milktea to the Rescue

Inspired by the business-savvy sisters, a lot of people found the business concept worth a try. A small beverage business, after all, one that a growing number of Filipinos have developed a craving for, had the potential to generate alternative income. At a time when there were job losses or salary cuts induced by the pandemic, starting one’s own business made a lot of sense.

As with any other business requiring investment of time and money, there were risks. Toni Rose Tagle’s advice to those who are about to venture into a small franchise venture, when she and her sister were featured in Net 25’s “Pambansang Almusal,” was “don’t be afraid to take risks.” 

Jo Marie Tagle, on the other hand, stated, “There’s nothing wrong with starting small.” “Saka tayo lalago” (“We can grow later on.”)  Lucky Cup Beverage Trading did grow in a matter of months. 

Other Delicious Offerings

Apart from the wide array of Ikigai premium fresh milk tea and the Ikigai coffee series, the company now also offers another Filipino favorite – chicken wings in several tummy-pleasing flavors. These include salted egg, garlic parmesan, soy garlic, hickory barbecue, classic buffalo, plus many others. Wingshots Unlimited accepts bookings for special occasions like birthdays, christenings, and anniversaries. Those who are inclined to take the franchising route may opt for the Ikigai and Wingshots two-in-one franchise, inclusive of training, marketing supplies, initial inventory, fixtures and equipment.

Besides Wingshots Unlimited, there is also Pizza Cassa, which uses authentic mozzarella, cheddar, and cream cheese.  Pizza Cassa, to date is set to open more branches, not just in the National Capital Region but in key provincial cities. The Pizza Cassa and Wingshots two-in-one Unlimited Franchise Package is another business opportunity touted to generate a good regular income stream. There is also a three-in-one package that includes Ikigai, Wingshot and Pizza Cassa.

Lucky Cup Beverage Trading also offers a takoyaki franchise venture at a very affordable promotional price. For a little less than 20,000 pesos, a franchisee can get the authentic takoyaki recipe, hands-on training, marketing support, basic equipment and initial inventory.

Details about the different franchise options may be obtained by visiting With the training advantage, an array of delectable options to choose from, and affordable packages, Lucky Cup Beverage Trading can help Pinoys kickstart their own business.

The company has proven that even in times of adversity, innovation and drive alongside a good business concept and good service level can lead to a lucrative business. The Tagle sisters are a clear-cut illustration that if people are passionate about something, and are driven to help others succeed the way they have, a small business endeavor can evolve into a win-win situation for all.   

Operating a small franchise business entails a work process that can be sustained with the right mindset. To let the food & beverage franchise venture get past the initial phase, a good product line that people will always want, the right marketing approaches, and sufficient funds are necessary.

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