Blend PH welcomes the New Year with new franchise partner, Tapawarma

Jan 27, 2020

Aside from Tapawarma’s Filipino and Mediterranean food fusion, local businesses Tapawarma and Blend PH are welcoming the New Year with also a new fusion. Blend PH, your number 1 peer-to-peer funding platform, is bridging gaps between franchisors and franchisees as it seals a deal of partnership with instant Pinoy Hit Tapawarma.

Tapawarma was founded by Juan Aerufe Corporation, and has clearly went off the charts as it grew with almost 30 branches nationwide in a span of six months since its launching last December 2017. This Fil-mediterranean cuisine definitely made its mark, offering varieties of food that are available on-the-go for a very affordable price. Tapawarma lives up to its name as the “Tapa ng Masa” since it definitely fits a tight person’s budget and it also satisfies Pinoys’ cravings for savory meals as well.

Even though Tapawarma was founded in late 2017, the President of the company, who also happened to be a Chef, was also an established entrepreneur since 2014. Their company’s—an IT company—first line of business offers digital marketing, and business/website software development for Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).             

Reliving the President’s passion for cooking and love for food, they have decided to venture the field of food business. Their leap of faith became the advent of Tapawarma. His knowledge in marketing and business operations fused with his love and passion for food was definitely a well-blended mix of successful business outcomes.

Offering their Tapawarma meal in five different options to suit your cravings (wrap, rice, nachos, noodles, and longwich). Also, these options are served with free iced tea. It really shows how their business has a great value for their customers’ money. Imagine? You will be having a full meal with drink for less than 50 pesos! Now, that’s what we Pinoys call “sulit na sulit!”

No doubt that Tapawarma is positive that they can achieve their five-year long term goal of expanding to 500 branches all over the Philippines because of the love that their customers and patrons share for their sumptuous and sulit meals. Also, with Blend PH’s partnership, you too, will also have the liberty to be a part of their growing family! Blend PH offers franchise loan with Tapawarma where it helps people achieve their dreams of starting their own business through franchising. How? Just log on to and choose franchise loan as your funding option. Create an account through Blend Ph’s website and accomplish the needed details and requirements. Once approved, the funding will be disbursed directly to your chosen franchisor. Worry no more about the hustle and bustle of processing your business because with Blend PH’s online loans, “We make Filipinos dreams possible through lending.”

For more information, just log on to and if you still need to research about Tapawarma’s franchise packages, you can reach them on their website or through their facebook page