Blend PH teams up with Varda Foods Corporation in providing Salary Loans for its employees

Aside from their established franchise partnership, Blend.PH, your leading peer-to-peer funding platform in the Philippines, is celebrating another huge deal with Varda Foods Corporation. The companies agreed to work hand-in-hand in providing easy and convenient Salary Loans for Varda Foods Corporation employees.

Varda Foods Corporation is known for its tasty and budget-friendly food products. It’s leading brand, Varda Flame Grill, offers bang-for-your-buck burgers that are completely off the grid. With its taste, you won’t imagine that their products’ prices start from PHP 45 and beyond.

Started in a small area near Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Sta. Mesa, Manila, Varda captured the hearts of its student patrons because of its appetizing burger meals and student-friendly prices. From there, they were able to widen their market and their menu as well.

Now, Varda Flame Grill became an established burger joint in the metro that offers their well-known burger meals such as, hashtag-worthy quarter pounder, terror prof burger, dean’s burger, RK’s burger, campus crush burger; and also their classic, all-time favorite, lodi burger, vardaloha, and varsity burger. Aside from that, they are now offering rice meals, hotdog sandwiches, flavored fries, and milk teas. No matter what you are craving for, Varda Flame Grill is definitely your one-stop shop to ease those burger hunger.

Giving back the love to your favorite burger joint in the metro, Blend.PH’s partnership with Varda Foods Corporation owned by Christopher Guarin, Eric Lopez, Racidon Bernarte, and Abigail Anne Pike, will allow Varda employees an accessible and easy Salary Loan. This Salary Loan offered by Blend.PH is exclusive to partner companies only. This  partnership allows Varda employees to easily avail Salary Loan through Blend.PH platform. They will be saved from all the hustle and bustle of doing the legworks of monthly repayments because it will be automatically deducted from their salaries depending on the terms they have agreed upon

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