Blend.Ph Signs Franchising Deal with Mango Float Supreme, More Opportunities to The Filipino Entrepreneur

Feb 17, 2021

Mango is not the Philippines’ national fruit for nothing. Walk in the market or grocery stores and you will notice a lot of people buying kilos of mangoes. During its peak season, usually from May up to August, every Filipino household would have it on their tables. Mangoes are a tasty and delicious fruit no one would ever dare to say no to.

If you haven’t tried it yet, then it’s time to get some and realize why it’s called the king of fruits. There are different mangoes all around the world, but the varieties harvested and sold in the Philippines are exceptional. The most famous types are Champagne and Carabao mangoes; these are the sweetest ones. Meanwhile, Pico and Katchamita are varieties that taste good whether they are ripe or green. Some would prefer to eat the green ones with a dipping sauce called ginisang bagoong alamang.

Just the thought of it, you would want to have it right now to satisfy your craving. Either it is sweet or sour, no person would resist it. And for all the right reasons, entrepreneurs are taking sweet mangoes to the next level. Today, the fruit has been given more attention and is served in different ways. Businesses are taking this chance to introduce products flavored with mango to answer people’s demand for refreshment.

Mango Float Business Idea

Mango float business emerges as one of the most profitable ventures in the present. Mango float is a dessert and drinks combined in one. It is not just delectable but healthy too. The fruit is an excellent source of Vitamins A & C and helps regulate one’s cholesterol levels. Customers would love to buy a tasty drink that provides numerous health benefits. That is one primary reason why mango float is a marketable product.

It sounds excellent to invest an amount of capital into a mango float business, right? But don’t worry. If you want to start selling, you don’t need to start from scratch and deal with all the brainstorming procedures. That is way too risky and costly when venturing into a particular business. The safest choice is to buy your franchise. Franchising would save you from a lot of stress because you will already be selling under an established name.

Choosing the Right Mango Float Franchise

Mango Float Supreme Manila is a top choice for the food cart business when it comes to the franchise business. Chameleon Foods and Beverages established Mango Float Supreme in the year 2017. From then on, they started to become popular inside the National Capital Region. As the business grows, the company envisions being a benchmark of quality mango in the Philippine market. In the long-run, they want to achieve their ultimate goal of representing the country in the international market through franchising.

The company’s goal is not just to widen its reach but to promote different advocacies as well. Along with their goal to solve mango cravings globally, they also want to contribute to the Philippines’ tourism industry by serving tourists a type of drink with Filipino taste. Some of their advocacies include environmental awareness, agricultural projects, and social responsibility.

By knowing the mission, vision, and advocacies of a franchise business, you can make an informed decision whether it’s worth the risk or not. Mango Float Supreme is not just worth the risk. It is worth the cost. Let’s see why it is a worthy investment.

Mango Float Supreme Franchise Information

To get full rights, you just need to pay Php 79,000. This franchise fee includes trademark, site approval, training for franchisee and staff, procurement program, opening assistance, operations manual on loan, and research and development cost. You can enjoy all of these rights for an initial term of four (4) years. 

Mango Float Supreme’s turnkey cost will depend on whether you want a Food Cart Type or a Kiosk Type. The turnkey pricing for Food Cart is Php 349,000 and Php 379,000 if Kiosk Type. This package includes everything that you need before you start selling.

The company also requires the cheapest continuation fee of Php 5,000 each month. While others would require a certain percentage from your sale, Chameleon Foods and Beverages ask for a fixed price. Wherefore, you can get higher returns if you get more deals in a month.

That’s all that you need to include in your computation. There is no royalty fee.

Furthermore, franchise products include Mango Float, Mango Graham, Mango Juice, Mango Vanilla Sundae, and Mango Float Supreme. 

Mango Float Supreme Franchise Through

If a mango float franchise sounds good to you but you don’t have the means to start, here’s some good news! With’s partnership with Mango Float Supreme, you can get the funding you need to start the business with a Franchise Loan., as the Philippines’ leading Peer-to-Peer Lending platform, give easy opportunities to Filipino people who need access to immediate funds. In their Franchise Loan, you take your pick among their roster of business partners and create a borrower account in the company’s online platform.

Once you complete the application process, the team will process within 24 to 48 hours. Best case scenario, your loan gets approved. It will then be forward to the roster of lenders for funding. The fund collected will then be forward to the franchise partner to officially begin your new business ventrure.

What Happens Next?

To become a lawful operator, there are only a few steps that you need to follow. Start by filling out the confidential questionnaire. After reviewing your application, the franchisor will invite you to discuss the franchise details and present the franchise disclosure information. The location proposed will then be checked. If you agree with the terms, you’re all set to put the agreement into writing.

After all of those, training and pre-opening assistance will commence. Finally, you can already have your own Mango Float Supreme business.

Why You Should Grab The Opportunity To Start A Franchise

Starting a business takes a lot of processes. From building your team to raising capital, the process is a challenging endeavor. You are putting your hard-earned money into it. Thus, the nature of the business that you want to venture into should be profitable and feasible. In connection to that, here’s a list of franchising business advantages that will inspire you to choose it from among numerous choices:

  • Lower capital requirements
  • Faster growth of the franchise network
  • Ease of building customer loyalty
  • Limited liability
  • Less work and effort in launching the business
  • More comfortable to secure a loan
  • Detailed training program for employees
  • Reputation to customers have been established

To become more successful in this business, careful planning and effective implementation of plans are required. In each business, there is no way you can eliminate risks. But you can choose the most lucrative choice, which is a franchise business.

Explore The Possibilities That Await With & Mango Float Supreme!

When opportunity knocks, grab them. You never know how they can turn your life around. If you have been dreaming of starting your own business, this might be the sign you have been waiting for! Let be your stepping stone towards your entrepreneurial dreams!

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