Blend PH fires up latest franchise partnership with grilled food concept PICKupSTICKS

Jul 23, 2019

Blend PH, the Philippines’ growing peer-to-peer (P2P) platform for borrowing and lending is definitely on fire after inking yet another solid partnership with a franchise business provider, this time with grilled food concept PICKupSTICKS.

PICKupSTICKS is the first and only food kiosk concept locally that offers grilled and fried street food right inside your friendly neighbourhood shopping mall. With the tagline, “Street food na saucy, but OMG not pricey,” the company is set to become a market leader in the grilled food franchise industry.

PICKupSTICKS is not your usual grilled food stall. All products are pre-cooked in the company commissary, so there’s no need for laborious and heavy cooking in the branches, which is expected since they are commonly situated in air-conditioned areas like malls, groceries, and office buildings.

Grilled products such as chicken isaw, pork tenga, pork BBQ, and others are cooked over charcoal in the commissary to maintain their smoky flavour. In the outlet, the attendants have specific operating procedures and equipment to ensure that food served to customers are cooked through and through. There’s no actual grilling, no smoke, and no foul odour in the stall.

Fried products like chicharron bulaklak or fried chicken skin, on the other hand are boiled, marinated, and skewered in the commissary. Frying times are kept to a minimum, about two to three minutes, so kitchen smells and smokes won’t emanate from the outlet’s location.

With the mission to provide innovative, affordable, convenient, and high-quality food products to its consumers while providing business opportunities to franchises, the company is inching its way towards its plan of establishing 100 outlets in the next five years.

Blend PH offers potential business owners of PICKupSTICKS to get financial assistance in the form of franchise loans, which can enable them to meet all the financial requirements needed to start this interesting, high-demand, and non-seasonal food concept.

For the complete details on franchise loans, check out our Franchise Loans page. To learn more about the business opportunity, visit their website or check out their Facebook page.