Blend PH builds another stronghold with Super Bagnet to cater meat-lovers in the Philippines

Mar 6, 2020

This must be the gift of the North to the people from other places in the Philippines. A gold mine of crisp, juice, and flavor—some call it “putok batok” but others tend to the name “bagnet.” That’s where Super Bagnet got its concept of developing a bagnet or deep fried pork belly business that every Filipino loves to snack on.

Now, Blend PH is proud to announce that they have sealed an awesome partnership with Super Bagnet. This partnership aims not only to build stronghold and camaraderie between the two but to also help each other reach a larger market thus, increasing the business opportunities for fellow Filipinos who want to seek franchising through Super Bagnet.

From the developers of Uncle Cheffy, they developed another concept store last 2017 and that’s how Super Bagnet was formed. Super Bagnet offers a variety of cunning dishes that highlight their main star, the famous Ilocos bagnet. They have every bagnet topping fused with classic Filipino viands that everyone knows today from goto and pancit bihon to sinigang, sisig, adobo, munggo, kare-kare, laing, and a lot more! The prices are very affordable and the taste will leave you wanting for more in every bite. Prices range from 30 pesos to 225 pesos. It will definitely fill every bagnet-craving stomach out there without hurting your wallet and your budget. You don’t need to travel north for 5 to 6 hours just to get a mouthful of this crispy goody because Super Bagnet is now available in some malls in the metro to serve you their authentic Filipino dish.

Now, Super Bagnet opened their business for franchise to not only cater their patrons but aspiring entrepreneurs as well. For as low as 325,000 to 500,000 pesos, you can now have your own stall type or restaurant type Super Bagnet franchise. Their franchise package includes franchise fee, marketing and training assistance, stall, equipment, initial stocks, store crew uniforms, and a lot more. With Super Bagnet’s established name, you are definitely in a secured franchise venture and guaranteed of customers.

If you don’t have enough budget for it, do not worry! Blend PH’s partnership with Super Bagnet now offers franchise loan that has flexible terms and low interest rates for business-minded people like you. How? Just log on to and check your eligibility. Once done, you can now register as a borrower and accomplish all information and documents asked. If you were able to complete all necessary requirements, your online loan application is guaranteed to be processed between 1 to 2 days. Once approved, your borrowed capital will be disbursed directly to Super Bagnet franchisor. Start your Super Bagnet franchise now with Blend PH! It’s never too late to become a business owner especially when you’re talking about bagnet—as serious and sumptuous business for everyone.