Blend PH and Varda Flame Grill fires up partnership to cater to the student fast food market

Dec 16, 2019

Local P2P player Blend PH teams up with Varda Flame Grill, one of the newest retail fast food chains in the Philippines that primarily caters to young university students across the metropolis. The two companies agreed on this deal to ensure that Pinoy entrepreneurs can take advantage of the opportunity to open a gourmet grilled burger concept in their desired location.

Varda Flame Grill started out in 2016 as a simple burger and hotdog stand serving students of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) in Santa Mesa, Manila. The stall quickly garnered a lot of avid fans due to the delicious taste and unmatched affordability of the products they offer.

In just three years, Varda became a popular name among millennials, tagging itself as the “Millennial Burger.” Well-loved menu items include its famous line of burgers that include the hashtag-worthy quarter pounder, terror prof burger, dean’s burger, RK’s burger, and campus crush burger.

Its spicy burgers called “lodi,” and its premium burgers (varsity burger, Vardaloha) are also noteworthy, along with their hotdogs, sausages, rice meals, and flavored fries. Some stores have also started offering milk tea options, to further relate to its target market. With prices starting at PHP 45, it was guaranteed to be a hit among students.

Founded by telco marketing executive Chris Guarin along with his childhood friends Eric Lopez, Racidon Bernarte, and Abigail Ann Pike, Varda now has a mother company called Varda Foods Corporation. After being a self-sustaining business for a while, the company has already proven its success as a brand closely focused on the student market.

Franchise package options include a kiosk type storefront, a standalone or food court concept, and an inline store model. Franchise packages start at PHP 500,000 plus VAT. With 39 stores in Luzon, it is also set to conquer the Cebu market in 2020 to generate sustainable profit growth through long-term relationships with new business partners.

As stated on its website, “At the heart of its success is a family-oriented approach to team members.” Varda aims to make setting up shop for new franchisees as painless as possible. “Here in Varda, we do not just help make your dream business happen, we give you family.”

The signing of the Blend PH and Varda Flame Grill Memorandum of Agreement enables borrowers on the P2P platform to apply for a franchise loan. This already covers existing and incoming franchisees. Upon loan approval, business owners can avail of preferred interest rates payable up to five (5) years for exclusive use either for business capital purposes or for the expansion of their existing Varda franchise.

Blend PH is excited to take on this opportunity to work hand in hand with Varda Flame Grill in delivering honest-to-goodness, tasty, and affordable options to students from various schools, colleges, and universities all over the country.

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