Blend PH and Tapawarma teams up in extending financial help through Salary Loan

Your leading Peer-to-Peer online funding platform, Blend.PH, graciously announced its new tie up with Filipino-Mediterranean food provider, Tapawarma, in offering Salary Loans to its employees. With an even more fortified partnership, Blend PH and Tapawarma can now cater to their own employees aside from its local tapa-lover patrons all over the Philippines.

Tapawarma, founded by Juan Aurufe Corporation in late 2017, is already working with Blend PH as franchise partners. They aimed to broaden the brand in terms of offering franchise loans for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to have their own franchise business. They are offering their Filipino-Mediterranean fusion where they upscaled the regular Pinoy Tapa into something unique to everyone’s palate. Indeed their tapawarma became an instant hit to the local patrons not only because of its sumptuous and savory taste, but also its affordable price. With this they have decided to open their doors through franchising with Blend PH, and also to prove why they are dubbed as the “Tapa ng Masa”. Now, their partnership has also steered in providing support to its employees with their latest Blend PH deal in providing salary loans.

Blend PH salary loan aims to provide additional financial support to their partner companies’ employees. Employees whose work is under Blend PH’s partner companies are entitled with special privileges in applying for salary loan. They will have access to a personalized link where they can send their online application. They will also be subjected to automatic approval by their company’s Human Resources officer. Their borrowed money has much quicker disbursement. Other than that, their monthly repayments would not require tedious legworks and anxiety of late payments because it will be under an auto-debit scheme to their company payroll bank account.

Now, that sounds easy, convenient, and secured. If you are a company owner and you have the heart to help your employees, Blend PH is here to help you in providing the additional financial assistance for your employees needs.


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