Blend PH and Takoyumi build strong ties to serve more takoyaki lovers around the Philippines

Feb 27, 2020

When Japanese snacks are brought to the table, Takoyaki is definitely one of the star attraction. People from all over the world have been craving for these delicious octopus balls that originated in the land of the rising sun, Japan. Now, Philippines also welcomed this treat since it pleases a lot of Filipino taste buds and it fills a lot of hungry Filipino stomachs. With a new partnership, Blend PH is delighted to be linked with one of the famous and delectable Takoyaki makers in the Philippines, Takoyumi. From the same people who brought us Tokyo Style Diner comes another food concept that values its customers’ money. Takoyumi is a Japanese food cart concept that offers authentic Japanese takoyaki for an affordable price. Founded last December 2019, Takoyumi is now making great waves of tako-YUMMY to every takoyaki lover in the Philippine market. Having 9 years in the food industry, they were able to invest in their research and development in creating innovative food products. Now, they are offering four flavors that will definitely satisfy everyone’s taste buds. They have the classic takoyaki, cheesy takoyaki, supreme takoyaki, and what they call daruma balls or baby octopus balls. Its price ranges from 45 pesos to 110 pesos. This is certainly a bang for buck offer because you will get authentic takoyakis at a very reasonable and affordable price.
Since they also recently partnered with Blend PH, aside from availing their products, you can be a franchise owner as well. How? Takoyumi has recently opened for franchising. Start your own takoyumi business for 75000 pesos. Their franchise package includes initial stocks, collapsible booth, grill, decorations, marketing and training assistance, uniform and many more. Short on budget? Worry no more because Blend PH’s Franchise Loan package is here to help you reach your dreams. Accessible anywhere in the Philippines, Blend PH’s franchise loan are processed online. How? Just log on to and check your eligibility. After that, you have to register as a borrower and accomplish all the asked information and supporting documents. If your credentials are complete, your online franchise loan application will be processed between 1 to 2 days. Once approved, your borrowed capital will be disbursed directly to your Takoyumi franchisor. Skip the lines and all the hassle of legworks when you can easily apply online and get the same benefits or even lower without leaving your doorstep. For more information, reach us at [email protected] or you can also contact Takoyumi through their facebook page,