Blend.Ph and Spring Cleaning Services Ink Franchise Partnership Deal

Mar 24, 2021

Keeping Customers’ Dwelling  Spaces Clean,  Safe and Comfy

General home cleaning is a must for most Filipino households. Yet busier lifestyles and the desire to minimize stress and not to burden oneself with too many tasks have led to delegation – or `outsourcing’ of home cleaning services. The continuing Covid threat also necessitates meticulous cleaning and disinfection of homes and offices.

It is with this backdrop, and the need to keep homes and work environments spruced up and healthy, that professional cleaning company Spring Cleaning Services finds itself responding with zeal. Partnering and lending full support to the  entrepreneurial pursuit is trusted peer-to-peer lending company Spring Cleaning Services recently inked a deal to become a franchising partner of

Growing Market for Services

Just like the home services sector, peer-to-peer lending players in the Philippines and across the world have grown by leaps and bounds prior to and well into the pandemic.  With stricter health regulations and  norms kicking in, these markets have seen further growth as newer geographies have been  catered to.

The main target market of Spring Cleaning Services, initially, were condominium dwellers and homeowners in Metro Manila  who want to take a break from rigorous house cleaning in order to devote more time to other things. The Spring Cleaning Services promise:  offer unparalleled customer service, and deliver performance at par with global standards.

Keeping cleanliness and efficiency top of mind has led to a growing clientele. The uptick in commercial cleaning services – differentiated from typical household cleaning in that it consists of cleaning on a large scale using modern technology – augurs well for Filipino-run  businesses like Spring Cleaning Services.

To keep the revenue stream flowing, the company has adopted the franchising model. The benefits of franchising, as those who have tried it know, is that it relies on proven systems and procedures, as well as training, operational and marketing support.

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Capitalizing on Brand Value

The pandemic has brought new behavioral trends and consumer requirements, and the home services sector, notably professional home cleaning, has  spiked in the past several months. This is because clients  want more frequent thorough cleaning of their abodes. The innermost sentiment of many people is still to stem the tide of the  Covid-19 menace.

Spring Cleaning Services’ competitive edge lies not just in effective social media marketing and good word-of-mouth, but in the very fact that it uses state-of-the-art equipment from Germany to eliminate pathogens. The most informed and discerning clients know that there are about 98 percent of common household allergens lurking in  carpets and upholstery, while a huge chunk of  above 85 percent hovering in homes are airborne bacteria.

Eco-friendly or green solutions are welcome cleaning options. Spring Cleaning Services opts for high- grade, biodegradable cleaners that are  safe for humans and pets. The company’s extensive and effective cleaning/disinfection comes with: high heat; high-pressure steam; chemical-free solutions; and free fogging using hospital-grade disinfectant.

Spring Cleaning to the Max

While sanitizing commonly used parts of the house such as doorknobs is common sense, and striving to keep indoor air fresh  and surfaces clean is now ingrained in many people,  Spring Cleaning Services takes disinfecting of clients’ physical spaces to a whole new level. Homeowners gravitating to and snapping up services of  professionals to deep clean their homes may continue in the post-Covid era, and the company is ready to deliver on its commitment to serve and satisfy customers.

As Spring Cleaning Services’ tagline says, “Cleaning services are more ESSENTIAL than ever. These are times when being extra clean truly matters.

Indeed, systematic cleaning should be tops in your agenda, but if you cannot squeeze in time,  or need to take a breather from overall home cleaning, go for a reliable and accessible cleaning specialist. Or better yet, invest and be a franchisee.  The professional franchise program offers: on-call expert business guidance; ROI of about 10 to 12 months; and regular research and development activities for business improvement.

Let the professional cleaning company help your businesses survive this pandemic, in tandem with P2P lending platform If you are ready to take the leap from good to great and be a franchise partner, touch base with the pee-to-peer lending firm.

Adjusting to the new normal, facing the COVID menace and community lockdowns are part of today’s realities. Reliable home service companies ranging from laundromats to professional cleaners are around to help both residential and commercial sectors not just to cope, but to stay healthy and  thrive.

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