Additional Investments in the Time of COVID-19

Apr 6, 2020

Photo c/o Personal Financial Tips

COVID-19 or the novel coronavirus has changed humankind almost overnight. It’s still hard to grasp the uncertainty and fear swirling around, both with global markets falling and life in general. It has changed the way people work, interact, and consume products. Apparently, today, the only way to show how you truly care is to keep your distance away from the people you love!

You might have already talked to your friends (over Zoom or Skype, hopefully) about finances and how the pandemic has shattered economies worldwide. Some friends have said their investment portfolio is down by thousands; some said theirs have gone down every single time they checked and have thought of selling.

It’s actually confusing to an extent. Experts say there’s no point in selling because you’ll only lose more money when liquidating, and that it will recover at some point, so you need not touch it. It’s amazing how the market changed in a snap and how people are reacting to it.

It’s also different to everything else that struck the world economy prior in that it is not driven by any manmade event. This is new territory. It’s a natural event beyond anyone’s control. It’s not just a matter of how big the problem is going to get. There exists the burning question of how long it’s going to last – no one will ever know.

It’s a great time to just stay put and think about what you currently have. Do you have everything you need to manage for yourself and your household? That’s great, you should be thankful. Remember that even the rich these days can’t access the luxuries they’re accustomed to.

The good thing about it is that the situation the world is in now also presents good opportunities regarding money. You can choose to invest on stocks and buy while prices are low. You can save a lot of money because no longer do you need to commute daily, eat out, nor blow your budget at the mall. You have all the time in the world to learn about money and finance. That YouTube video about investing on your “Watch Later” list has been aching for you to hit “play.”

There’s also something nice about extending a helping hand when normalcy is nowhere to be found, especially in sectors that need it the most. If you’re lucky and blessed to be one of those with a little extra, try these additional ways to invest during this crazy period. Consider these options if you want to do your part in your own little way or even if you just want to feel good in general. Not only will you be able to help out, but you’ll also reap some rewards in various forms throughout the process.


Cropital is a crowdfunding platform and social enterprise that connects anyone who wants to help finance local farmers. Through the company’s scalable and sustainable financing scheme, investors can get the opportunity to directly impact a small-scale farmer’s productivity while growing their money.

The steps you need to take to invest through this farmer is simple and quite similar to Blend PH’s process for investors. The first step is to register and choose a farm to invest in. Then, once it’s funded, the farmer will get access to the materials and equipment they need. Cropital will make sure that the resources are managed properly so that the investor will get their return on investment. After the farmer successfully harvests and sells the produce, the investor will get his investment back and get his share of the profit.

Bayanihan Fund

This Indiegogo project was inspired by sites like,,, and in helping Filipinos reach out to those who need assistance and a helping hand. It is envisioned as a community whose projects can range from the simple purchase of shoes for people who need it the most, to funding a sick family member’s hospital bills or towards supporting a genius tech invention.

Unlike other local platforms that focus on innovations, talent, or gifts, Bayanihan Fund aims to cover projects, campaigns, and causes that go beyond these things. It also guarantees that it wouldn’t fall into the trap of aiming for self-profit. Testament to this is that even if the Indiegogo page they put up does not meet the funding goal, the Bayanihan Fund site would still go live.


GoGetFunding is one of the most popular and trusted platforms for people who want to create a great online fundraising page. There’s a wide variety of projects to choose from, such as personal, medical, animals, volunteering, funerals, businesses, special events, creative producst, and more.

If you go to the page that features campaigns in the Philippines, you’ll see that the most recent ones are directly fueled by the COVID-19 situation. There’s one by a local celebrity that aims to set up extra tents for patients outside hospitals that are already at maximum capacity. There’s also a project set up by local bloggers whose goal is to offer financial and livelihood assistance to the most vulnerable members of the community during the Enhanced Community Quarantine or ECQ.

The Spark Project

As one of the pioneers of crowdfunding in the Philippines, The Spark Project is a website focused on supporting creative, innovative, and passion-driven initiatives. It is after people pitching in money for compelling and worthwhile causes. Supporters or backers get their reward when a project becomes successful.

The Spark Project believes that crowdfunding is not just for raising funds, but also for testing the waters and validating an idea. Building a community of believers and backers who would closely watch how a project progresses could open new doors for creators and funders alike.

Of course, Blend PH also offers its own channel for helping out, which is through its P2P lending and borrowing marketplace. A lot of people would be borrowing money in the coming months not because a business idea popped up but because they are probably at a point where they really need it. With Blend, there are a lot of opportunities to help out these people who are greatlyy affected by this COVID-19 pandemic directly or otherwise.

Today presents a great opportunity to care and share. Unlike floods, earthquakes, or fires, this pandemic does not allow us to be together and help each other out. What a great time to use the tools mentioned above to connect and assist our communities remotely!