7 Go-To Places this Summer with your Barkada

Apr 2, 2020

Photo c/o walkwithwendy

Summer’s just around the corner and what better way to spend these sunny months than going to one of the pristine beaches of the Philippines. Known almost everywhere, the country offers some of the best and jaw-dropping beaches all over the world. With its established reputation of being the home to one of the richest marine biodiversities in the entire globe, surely, Philippines can offer a lot more not just to its locals but also, to visiting tourists.

Now, if you’re planning to bust a fun vacation with your barkada, and you do not want to venture in far places. Well, these tips are definitely what you will be needing to make that barkada trip possible. Here are some of the beaches accessible from the metro where you can soak and play with the rolling waves of the beach.

Be in the zone with Quezon

Aside from being known for its rich coconut supply, and their famous yema cakes, Quezon province also showcases some of the pristine beaches near the metro where you and your friends can dip, relax, and have fun.

Worry less in Zambales

Another beach area in the north side of the Philippines. Zambales is known for its beach and night life! If you want to enjoy parties while taking a quick splash from the rolling waves then, this place is definitely for you and your barkada to enjoy.

Captivate your aura with Aurora

Though some finds Aurora province a bit too far, it is still worth trying! The shoreline of aurora stretches widely and its also a nice place to get in touch with your inner self. Imagine, going to a place where mountains and seas meet? Now, that’s what you call the best of both worlds! Plus, you can never go wrong in Aurora because this is the ultimate birthplace of the Philippine surfing scene. Catch some Z’s or catch some waves, whatever your heart wants, Aurora’s there to help you achieve it.

Photo c/o Trip Zilla Philippines

Live your imagination at La Union

Every surfer’s dream hub in the Philippines is located in this area of La Union. You will really feel immersed in the local surf scene especially with their night parties, food, drinks, booze, and places to stay—La Union is definitely one of the best places near the metro for you and your barkada. Other than their surfing activities, you can also chill on their shoreline while watching the magnificent sunset offered by this astounding beach!

Have a blast in Batangas

When in doubt, go south! That’s one of the few directions you will get when asking around about the best beaches near the metro, and these answers? They never tell lies because it is indeed one of the best places to search for magnificent white sand beaches. All you need to do is prepare your budget for the bus and boat rides because you will be captivated by the crystal-clear seawaters of Batangas.

Ultimate Fun in Pangasinan

A metro northie? Not a problem. If you’re quite anxious to go the opposite direction of your familiar routes then, just follow your own north star. Surely, you will be delighted of what’s in store for you out there. Look far, head straight, and ride away because Pangasinan will show you the untouched beauty of their beaches.

Bask under the sun in Bataan

Not good with huge crowds? Fret not for Bataan is one of those places where you will never feel caged. With their breathtaking tourist spots, you will surely enjoy roaming around the city but, other than that, they also have amazing and marvelous wonders hidden under their sleeves and these are none other than the bodies of saltwater that are ready to be enjoyed by outgoing people like you and your barkada!

Sun’s out, fun’s out! Prepare your ultimate barkada trip this summer and see what exciting memories are in store for you. So, why not stop taking those Vitamin Z’s and stretch those joints for the thrilling offers of this country has for you and your friends. Get up, lead the way, and show your friends that you can have fun in a bright summer day! If you’re a bit worrying how to fund this trip, visit www.blend.ph, and they will definitely have the reason for you to push your summer get-away!