6 ways to make money from home

Feb 21, 2020

Photo c/o https://www.frugalfarmwife.com/article/frugal-living-isnt-always-the-answer/

When demands of work and being at home put you to a test, which one will you choose? Of course responsibilities at home are in a different scale of commitment than those of work but, what if you are left with no choice but choose only one?

Physical presence is one of the many tasks a working person needs in order to get paid. So, this requires a full-time commitment meaning, you have devote your 8 to 9 hours a day just to fulfill duties assigned at work. Without any doubts, time from home are one of the things that are compromised.

So, how can a person as busy as you work your way around in this sitch? These are some of the ways that are guaranteed to provide earnings while you are at home.

MarieKon your way out of it!

Just like what Netflix series star Marie Kondo always asks, “Does this spark joy?” If it doesn’t, then maybe it’s time to make money out of it by putting it in a garage sale or sell it online through different online selling platforms like Carousell (formerly known as OLX), Facebook Marketplace and even Twitter and Instagram!

Imagine decluttering your home while earning extra cash. Now, that will definitely spark joy!

Want to be the best then invest!

If you’re left with a limited amount of cash, then might as well put it to an income-generating platform to make the most out of it. As what a lot of people aim nowadays, they want to make their money work for them. A lot of people are quite skeptical when it comes to investing money because it is hard earned money that’s at stake when you incur losses. So, the best way to overcome this fear is to study the ins and outs of investing, and also, look for a credible investment company.

One of the best investment company where you can put your money is at Blend.PH. Blend.PH is an online peer-to-peer lending platform. You can register as an investor or a lender for as low as 5,000 pesos and you can start funding loans from other people. With a strict and meticulous underwriting team, it is certain that your money is secured and loaned by credible borrowers. With this, you will surely get earnings from the interest rate of your investment money where you’ll receive it on a monthly basis through the borrower’s repayments. Through Blend.ph’s website and your personal Blend Wallet, you can see where your money is going plus, you have complete control of your funds. With Blend.ph, you are guaranteed to earn money while providing you more quality time at home.

You know the best “free” is FREElancing!

Earn through online services. There are a lot of people and companies that offer freelance jobs. Most them of offer works through writing, graphic designing, encoding, and even answering online surveys. So, why not use your skills to a test and get some of these jobs. They pay good amount of cash without you leaving your doorstep!

I love VIEWS!

Start your own YouTube career and be a full-time vlogger (video blogger)! Document your daily routines at home like how you cook your meals or how you play with your pets or even your fitness regimen–if you have one.

These simple things may become a source of entertainment for others and this career though not pursued by many can also become your source of income. It won’t hurt to try? So, get your videotaping and editing gears ready and start posting your home-made vlogs. Maybe this is your true calling—an online sensation!

Share your knowledge!

Be a home-based tutor of your expertise. The only capital that you will be needing are patience and passion. You can apply as online tutor for foreigners or you can also be an independent tutor yourself. Love cooking? Turn your home into a place for cooking class! Love playing music? Turn your home into a music studio for kids! Have a passion for basic academic courses? Turn your home into a tutorial center for your subject of expertise.

There are a lot of things that you can teach to curious and interested people. Turn these sets of knowledge into an income-generating one because what’s there to lose right?

Sell your crafts!

If you have the passion for other things yet you don’t have the gift of teaching then, you can try selling your crafts. Start your online shop and you can test the waters by accepting pre-orders. If it clicks then, it is best to turn your talent into your business. Be an independent entrepreneur and start your building your empire of passion at home.

Knowing the different ways on how to make money at home, it’s best to research more about the way of earning that you are trying to pursue like knowing shared experiences from people who also went through this phase. With this, it will make you more equipped for the best home-based work that you are eyeing. After all, it is nice to follow a time for yourself, for your family and your home-based work at your own pace because as the old saying goes, “Home is where the heart is.”