6 Tips to Achieve that Confident and Beautiful You

Mar 12, 2020

Looking good has played a big part in everyone’s lives. Majority of the people have put effort in presenting themselves in the most sophisticated way as possible. This movement changed the notion that beauty is not as equally important as others might see it. Instead, beauty is now considered as an important investment to one’s self. This investment does not always have to be seen as a financial burden because it can also be obtained through other means.

According to National Geographic, these modern times have unfolded a new phase where beauty is for everyone. It does not have to be all about the societal norms when it comes to feeling beautiful instead, it all boils down from within—of you feeling good and confident about yourself. The idea of beauty have become more inclusive to all race, color, sizes, and shapes, and social status.

                Before, looking good was best described when a certain physical attribute fits the standard set by the society. Now, as long as you radiate happiness, confidence, and being physically well then, you are considered beautiful. Though some people are troubled when searching that kind of beauty, there are a lot of avenues for you to find your beauty.

                So, don’t let others rain on your parade. Find where you are most comfortable at and be the best that you can be. If you feel like you will gain confidence when a specific quality that you already have could be improved then, do it. Own your power because you are responsible on how you see and how you present yourself.

            Let your skin do the talking

                If you feel like you gain confidence in you skin then, let the world see how you radiate those confidence through your skin. However, if you feel like it’s your skin that bothers you, there are other means to own that power. Skin clinics offer great services that will definitely put you in tip-top shape just so you can flaunt that skin of yours confidently.

(See: Belo Medical Group, Skin Station, Let’s face it, Flawless, The Icon Clinic)

                These are some of the shops you can check out to find the product that will also help you achieve that radiant glow that you are aiming for.

However, if you are on a tight budget and you still want to improve your skin. You can check out some of the online recipes available in creating home-made face masks, scrubs, and serums. It might look like a handful of work but, trust the process because these are some of the efficient ways that can help you gain that beauty-in-confidence attitude.

Fit is lit!

All shapes and sizes are beautiful and everyone has the option to choose which shape and which size they are most comfortable at. So, this means that if you want to achieve a certain shape or a certain size that will make you feel more empowered then, by all means, you have the liberty to achieve it. There are a lot of fitness centers that can help and guide you in achieving the body that you want to rock, and these are some of them that are located anywhere in the metro.

If you don’t have the time to visit these there are also other online fitness subscriptions that provide a step-by-step guide when it comes to working out. These are available on playstore on adroid or at app store for iOS users.

If money’s the problem then you can check out free online home workouts. These are helpful because all you need to have are patience and resourcefulness. Now, start moving and get going. Find time to make these workouts fit in your daily schedule.

                You are what you eat!

                Some people find beauty in eating the right kinds of food and this is often related to feeling beautiful when you see yourself healthy. But if you are the type of person who does not have the time to purchase and prepare the healthy that deemed fit to your healthy cravings then, you better look at these different meal preparation providers that can be availed online. Their calories are controlled, and their ingredients are fit to your healthy cravings as well.

(See: Fit Food Manila. The six pack chef, Dear diet)

Now, if you don’t have the resources to shell out extra cash then, it is also okay when you prepare it yourself thus, you can personally pick which ingredient to use and what kind of food you want to prepare. All you have to do is stretch your time, right? If cooking makes you feel good then, this will feel more of a hobby than a commitment. Get your grocery lists ready, your knives sharpened, and your stoves firing because you will definitely own this meal prep thingy.

            Dress to express!

                While some see beauty through their skin or through their body and even through the food they eat, some people best exemplify beauty through their clothing and it shows through the constant evolution of fast fashion in the market. Lots of clothes have been available to highlight everyone’s best assets, whether it maybe a physical attribute or a certain mood. Clothes have become an extension of one’s beauty. These are some of the hip shops that offer great collections for a very reasonable price. It might come in handy when you’re looking for that perfect look to match something that you want express or you just plainly want to gain your beauty confidence!

Strutting on a budget? Definitely not a problem because you can also find good quality and aesthetically pleasing clothes in your local tiangges which you can locate at Taytay, Rizal. This place offers a variety of dresses, men’s wear, and other clothing that will surely fit your style and your aimed price.

Let your HUE speak for you!

From 2014, the beauty industry showed a significant growth in the market. From 3.6% to 5.5% in the year 2018 and it is continuously growing as the year progress. It is projected to cop a whopping $800 billion by the year of 2025. Indeed, people have constantly paid attention in the field of beauty, putting extra effort to look more presentable every day. One of the key contributors to this growth is the makeup industry. Whether you are a boy or a girl, make up is just the right tool for you to use—highlighting any part of your body that you want to showcase.

There are a lot of brands especially in the Philippines that continue to thrive in the market. Most are owned and personally used by well-known people that’s why its patrons are secured with its quality. These local make up products can also compete with international brands especially with its cheaper price that produce the same results that people are looking for in international brands.

Showcase what you love!

Another way of expressing beauty is through your passion. A lot of people find confidence through their own niches. The field of art—in general—is one of the many avenues where people gain confidence to express themselves. Through their owned art, it tells a lot of who they are in high volumes. So, why not try and find the art that would help you find your beauty, grace, and confidence.

Performing arts and creative sports will surely help you loosen up thus, keeping you fit and healthy. There are a lot of move classes that can accommodate you around the metro and it will help you find the beauty in every move that you do. Strut yourself out there and embody those confident through your moves.

These modern times, beauty has become more and more diverse and inclusive. Before, it was seen caged and bounded by the societal standards of one’s physical attributes, as if beauty is as simple as identifying black from white. Apparently, beauty is more than that. You can define beauty in a lot of aspects, from your facial expression, to the sound of your laugh, to the color of your skin, to the glow in your eyes, to even the way you carry yourself.

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