5 Things you need to prep in Philippines’ hottest season

Apr 24, 2020

Photo c/o Top10 Tale

You don’t have to be in California to melt your popsicle because the heat in Manila is already enough to rise your temperature. You got that right! The scorching season is finally here. Although, it did came in a weird timing because until the end of march you still find yourself snuggling under the sheets because of the cold midnight breeze but, you know what they say, “all good—or should you say cold?—things come into an end.” Now, it’s the time to welcome a new season that keeps you from having a love-hate relationship with the weather—one of Philippines’ most anticipated season, “Summer!”

In preparation of the months of going out and basking under the heat of the sun, what are the things that you should prepare to keep yourself protected? Well, worry no more because, here are some of the things that are already curated for you to keep track of what you will be needing when you head out or go on a trip in one of the best holiday seasons in the country.

  1. Warm under the sun?

It is inevitable to not get exposed to too much sunlight that’s why you should always come in prepared with your own invisible armor to defend your skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, and what better product to use than your trusty brand of sunblock. Sun blocks are super affordable and accessible for everyone because almost every drug store scattered around the country has them so, storm the drug store or supermarket nearest you and grab one. You can choose on what levels of SPF you can use, the most advisable SPF level for sunblocks for tropical countries like Philippines are SPF 30+ sunblocks.

  1. What more? Uhm—brella?

One of the basic necessities that you should have in this scorching heat is none other than your mom’s adopted son or daughter… your half sibling—the umbrella. Make sure to always use this whenever you are heading out because it will prevent your skin from getting sunburns, triggering skin diseases, and it will also protect your skin from premature aging. Just be careful where you put this after using because it is certain that you’ll get a lot of nagging when your mother finds out that you lost one of her precious children, her umbrella.

Photo c/o Trip Zilla Philippines

3. Tips of trips You will definitely make the most out of summer if you already planned a getaway whether with your family or your friends. So, get your pens and notebooks ready and surf the web so, you can surf in the rolling waves… soon! Philippines is known for its variety of beaches where summer vacays are usually spent. Check them out and have the best time of your life by soaking in your happy little sun rays. 4. What to wear? In this weather, it’s a big no-no to wear something thick or something that will hinder your skin from breathing. Unless you want to soak in your own sweat, then by all means, dress according to what your heart wants but, it is best advised that you wear something that will lower your body temperature. Let your skin scream comfortability. Embrace your glow and showcase your sun kissed skin through clothes that are summer-ready. Some of the features that summer clothes should have are the following: 5. Should you eat these? You will lose a lot of water from your body in this hot season and it’s bad if you will not do something about it. Stay hydrated! If you are not a fan of drinking plenty of water then, there are other means to stay hydrated like eating foods that are rich in water. Best example for best summer foods are watermelon, cucumbers, pineapples, and coconuts! These will definitely quench your thirst and will never taste bland if you’re that kind of person who always seeks flavor in everything. You can also mix, match, and blend some fruits to create your own summer concoction. What are you waiting for? Raid your kitchen now and create your own specialty drink. Now that you have some ideas on how to prepare for this coming summer season, it’s always best to keep yourself well-funded upon preparing for these things and what better way to do this than saving some money for your own expenses. If you got this reminder a little bit late then, Blend.PH is here to assist you in funding your summer activities or they can also assist you in preparing for your summer purchases. How? Just log on to www.blend.ph to learn more. Be summer ready with Blend.PH now and create sunny memories this year!