5 Indoor Things You Can Do This Lockdown Season

Apr 17, 2020

Photo c/o freepik.com

Gone are the days when everyone’s whining about having to report everyday to work or school, because this more-than-a-month-long Enhanced Community Quarantine answers everyone’s wish of staying home. But being there at the comfort of your own home has its disadvantages as well, despite of all the available resources like unlimited food, internet, and time… no doubt it can be pretty saturating if you are not able to do some of the things that require you to go outside.

Now, the idea of being home feels more like being caged than having the time at your own expense. Though everyone understands the need for these implemented measures, boredom is always there to kill the joy out of everything. But, as you probably know, everyone can overcome boredom with just a whisk of your fleeting imagination, and a stroke of fun and laughter. Here are some of the indoor activities that you and your family can do to win the battle against boredom.

A ton of Marathon

Just when you thought that marathons are supposed to be done outside, then you are definitely mistaken. You can still do marathons inside your own home… Movie or series marathon! If you have your streaming subscriptions updated and your internet connection, you and your family can watch the shows y’all have been missing out because of work and school. Sit back, relax, and let your eyeballs do the work!

The Joy of Cooking

Now that you have all the time to stay home, try spending a lot of it inside your kitchen and unleash that inner master chef in you. Try new recipes available either on websites or YouTube and take your taste buds into a whole new adventure! With patience and your sheer curiosity, not only will you be able to stretch your knowledge in food, but your tummy as well.

Photo c/o freepik.com

Write to express

If you think that you don’t have the gift for writing, then you will never know unless you give it a second try. There’s so much to writing than being boring, tedious, and challenging. Writing can help express yourself better through use of words. There are a lot of online blog channels where you can find inspiration to start your own entries. There’s Blogspot, WordPress, Tumblr, and even your Facebook account. So, write your way and revive that inner writer or poet that you ever want to be!

It’s going to Workout

Being stuck inside your home isn’t a valid excuse to live a sedentary lifestyle. You can still achieve that dream body just in time for your most awaited summer escapade through different home workouts. There are a lot of free tutorials scattered online for your consumption. So, why not take this time to gather strength, motivation, and determination to move inside your home? Worrying about the equipment? Phew. With ingenuity and creativity, it is certain that you can improvise your own workout equipment!

 Reach out

Since everyone’s staying in their own homes and you already have the time and the resources at your own expense, try reaching out to friends and relatives who were also affected by the COVID-19 lockdown. You can also help other people get through this pandemic by offering help through different donation drives seen online. With a little compassion and empathy, everyone can survive and win this battle against the spread of COVID-19 in the Philippines.

Having these tips can be handy when dealing with boredom in these times of need. Though you are itching to get out of your house right now, compliance to this preventive measure will not only save your life, but it will also help contain the risk of contraction for other people. By staying home with family and loved ones, you are not only helping your family to be safe, but the whole country as well. Practice proper sanitation, and social distancing because together everyone can fight and win against COVID-19.