4 ways that we need to keep in mind in the season of Petsa de Peligro

Jan 24, 2020

“Short na ako.” Things that we always hear during Petsa de Peligro or also known as the time when our daily budget is in a critical level in the most inconvenient time. Most of the time, people resort to band-aid solutions—or not having any contingency plans—just to address these kinds of problem quickly. So, what are some of the multiple reasons why we experience budget shortage? For some, overspending and lack of financial planning are one of the common reasons. Our mismatched priorities when it comes to spending often leave us penniless and broke because we were not able to figure out which things should always come first in our list; or sometimes we fail to measure how much amount we spend in the things that we want and need. Our finances are like water, it is fluid and we can easily lose it if we are not going to be smart in handling it. Imagine cupping your hands just so you can keep a large amount of liquid. It requires a lot of effort but eventually, the liquid will find its way through the creases of your hands, and it will seep out. If we put the water in a container, for example, a dipper or a glass, its volume will remain the same and we can still add more if the container is not full yet. We should take into consideration our ways of handling our finances. We can waste so much of it by not being smart or by exerting efforts in the wrong places. So, how are we going to turn the tables when it comes to spending? Here four diskarte and tipid tips that Blend PH can impart for everyone to avoid having a Petsa de Peligro sitch…
Always make a list Being organized is a big help when it comes to tracking down your spending. Of course, it is undeniably inevitable to spend especially for the things that we need daily that’s why, what everyone should learn is how to maximize your budget through smart buying or by buying only the things that we desperately need. List down these things, and use this as a guide when you are shopping. “I’m sorry po. Patawad po.” We’re not actually referring to you asking for someone’s forgiveness but we’re pointing out that it is never wrong to ask for a product’s last price. Tell the seller your asking price and her giveaway price so, both of you can compromise. Always consider the price and the product’s function. There’s no harm in comparing because as a wise spender, you need to get the best service for the cheapest price. With this, you can really put your budgeting and shopping skills to a test. Keeping it low-key We understand that it is satisfying and fun at the same time to spend money in all those fancy places where you feel relaxed and pampered, and yes, we acknowledge that everyone deserves to be rewarded from a month’s work but, the problem arises when doing it more often than usual becomes an involuntary habit. Always keep in mind that even though you earned every single centavo that you have in your wallet, still, it does not mean that we’ll turn into a “one day millionaire” and do a spending frenzy. The best and classic way in mastering the art of pagtitipid is to practice this basic rule of thumb… “Everything’s good but in moderation.” Money does not grow on trees; they grow on investments That’s right. One can work all year long, and still, get the same amount of money that they earn every day. Where’s the fun in that? How about invest your hard-earned money in businesses? That’s the spending that everyone needs to practice—wise spending. The spending where at the end of the day, we can realize that our financial outputs are sown in places that will undoubtedly bear the fruits of our labor. This is where Blend PH can help you. Through Blend PH’s investor option, you can make your money grow even with minimal efforts. How? Log on to blend.ph and register as an investor. Once approved, you can transfer funds to your Blend wallet and start funding loans. Do not worry! Because you can choose which loans to fund, and rest assured, all our borrowers went through a rigorous screening process in order to maintain high level of reliability and credibility. After funding, you will receive your monthly repayments which includes your interest rate and principal fees. For more information, you can visit www.blend.ph Now, we have some of the knowledge that we need to get through another season of Petsa de Peligro but, a gentle reminder from your Blend PH family that it is still best if we can definitely avoid it by always taking into account of the things that we learned from here and applying it the soonest that we can. Kapit lang, mga ka-Blend!