10 Tipid Dating Tips for a Practical Filipino Like You

Feb 5, 2020

Valentine’s Day is getting near and it seems that a lot of people are turning red not because of ‘kilig’ but because of the pressure of doing something special to their significant others. Most people would think that a lot of money should be spent when you want something to be special and memorable but, these days… is it really practical to splurge a lot of cash just for a one time big time event? Well, they said don’t break hearts but it doesn’t mean to break your piggy banks as well.

Who said special moments should be costly? You can still achieve your dream moment as long as you are resourceful and crafty. These are some simple and practical tips that might help you in achieving your dream moment with your significant other.

  1. Cook your own meal

Thinking of booking a table for two at a fancy restaurant? That’s definitely sweet and screams a great grand gesture but, can you still eat a complete meal for the following days to come after spending a week’s worth of budget?

Not to be antagonistic but, if you have the means then, why not? Your partner will surely love it and it is certainly a one-for-the-books moment. However, you can also make a special dreamy dinner with your significant other without shelling out the extra cash.

Why not cook his or her favorite meal over a candle light set up? It will take time but, it is always going to be special since you exerted extra effort for it. If ever you don’t know how to cook then, maybe it’s about time you start adding new skills to your shelf, and unleash the ultimate cook-slash-romantic lover in you!

  1. Make your memories tangible

A new necklace, bracelet, rings, or gadgets are great! It shows how much you saved for that item to be given as a gift. How many days of petsa de peligro did you endure just for you to buy that? Gifts should not always be the latest or the priciest items for it to be special. Sometimes, the smallest ones are as precious as the grandest ones.

Imagine making a scrapbook out of all your previous dates, or curating a photo album filled with your pictures from your shared fun memories. These, too, are precious as well and it will only require devotion of time and effort from you no less!

  1. Create a slideshow

Always on-the-go? Worry no more! You can still craft a perfect, tipid, and made from the heart valentine’s gift for your loved ones using your mobile phones. That’s right. Video compilations and slideshows are one of the trendy things that people post online when commemorating or celebrating an event.

It’s very mobile since you can do it anywhere! You do it while travelling, while waiting in a line, or even while hanging out somewhere. Just make sure you have your head phones with you so others won’t hear your cheesy background music. It’s easy to do, just raid your Instagram archives for your old videos or check your phone’s gallery for stock photos and videos and you are good to go.

  1. Go on a cheap snack dates

Got no time for preps and just want to spend for a perfect valentine’s date? Well, you can still do that. However, the question that is still and will always exists, how much are you willing to spend for these dates? If the budget is limited then, these local food establishments will help you save that perfect day.

Go on a snack date with your special someone. There are a lot of options to choose from ranging from 35 pesos to not more than 200 pesos. These are some of the local estabs that offers sumptuous snacks for a price that definitely won’t hurt your budget.

Craving for some savory meals? Pick up sticks, Lugaw Pilipinas, and Habibi Shawarma will certainly satisfy your palate. These meals are both heavy and affordable. If you want to have that complete busog feeling then, no doubt these variety of snacks are for you. If ever you want something light and fluffy but still savory, Manila Empanada and Takomagi will always got your back! Worth the taste and worth the price. How about some desserts to break your taste buds’ savory saturation? Mr. Pluffy and I love bubble waffle will save the day.

These are some of the local food establishments that are available around the metro. You won’t have a hard time of finding the perfect spot for your dreamy snack date because, the perfect spot is actually anywhere!


  1. Explore Manila Museums

Another option is to go on a museum hopping in Manila for your valentine’s date. It is certainly budget-friendly for these museums do not require any entrance fees. Discover the beauty of Philippine culture by looking at the remnants of the past at the National Museum of Anthropology. Witness the beauty of the galaxies and watch a short-film showing in a dome-shaped screen at the Manila Planetarium for less than a hundred pesos. If you and your partner love art then, you will surely appreciate the curated classical paintings, sketches, and sculptures of different National Artists of the Philippines at the National Museum of Fine Arts.

If you are into nature and wildlife, National Museum of Natural History will feed the inner safari explorer in you. There are a lot of selections in this museum that you can observe, from the preserved bones of the biggest crocodile in the Philippines (named “lolong” found in Agusan del Sur) to the majestically saved petrified trees that will surely captivate you and your partners’ eye for curiousity. Every entries are worth the walk and the sight.

Imagine sharing these historically acclaimed with your special someone. Now, that’s what you call a fancy and educational date that won’t definitely hurt your wallet.

  1. Roam around Intramuros

One of the classic places in the Philippines where you can spend time with your special someone is at Intramuros. You and your loved ones can stroll around the old-fashioned alleys and streets of Intramuros. Plus, there are a lot of local food stalls scattered within the vicinity so, if ever both of you feel hungry and wanting to grab a bite, it is easy to choose from the wide variety of street foods offered in the area.

The best time to visit this place is during the afternoon until early night because the yellow street lamps really give that sophisticated sepia-toned ambience and it will really draw you back in time. Romantic and at the same time, classy… also great for taking photos if you are that Instagram boyfriend/girlfriend.

  1. beverage dates at local shops

Looking for a quick yet memorable date that’ll surely fit your budget? Treat your significant other to a drink this valentine’s day. Though, there are a lot of establishments that offer cool and refreshing beverages, most of these commercial estabs especially the known ones are often full packed. Fret not because other local establishments and kiosks are here to save the day.

If ever both of you find yourselves craving for a caffeine fix, 1740 coffee genesis and house of frappe are there to feed your coffee pleasure. Your partner is a tea person? No problem! Snowriffic tea offers delectable milk tea beverage. If ever both of you wants something fruity, mango overload from house of frappe and mango goolat can also satisfy your fruity cravings. All of these products will not amount to more than 150 pesos per drink. See? It’s a budget-saving deal for you. It will surely make your partner feel all the ‘kilig’ either from your sweetness or from the drinks’ coolness! Either way, you still made a date out of it.

  1. Lunch dates

Got no time to set a schedule for you and your partner’s valentine’s date? A quick affordable lunch will do it before both you head back to your unattended responsibilities. Even for a short amount of time, you can still make room for a quick catch up and sweet nots. Sometimes, deciding where to eat for lunch takes a huge sum of time so, here are some of the options that you can choose from. If you’re a burger person the, varda burger and donjar burgers are for you. They offer affordable and tasty burgers that will delight your tummy.

On the other hand, there’s tapawarma, a Filipino-Mediterranean fusion between tapa and shawarma that offers unique and native taste of your old tapa and shawarma rice. It’s like having two foods in one. One of the sulit deals out there for a low price of 50 pesos! Craving for your old-time favorite Pares? Pares Retiro is on you way. Claiming that they are the best Pares in town, why not try this one out and see for yourself?

Last but not the least from the list is for the fried chicken enthusiasts out there, Chop chop Chicken. Couples and partners who loves fried chicken will surely enjoy chop chop chicken’s affordable entrees starting from chicken chops to crisper. They can also choose their own combos at an affordable price of not more than 80 pesos. This is worth the try as well.

  1. Kinda fancy

Feeling fancy and definitely saved for this special date? You can definitely find a good place to settle and dine with Bricks and Copper Turkish Cuisine. They offer variety of Turkish cuisines from hummus, pita breads, doners, and kebabs. Their food are divine in taste and worth it for its price. A meal for two would usually cost around 500 pesos and it will fill all those tummy spaces! The price, the quality, the taste, the service, and the quantity are all fused in your 500 peso-budget.

You can also have your quick bread breaks at the Lost Bread and The Sandwich Guy. These two estabs offer good tasting and quality french toasts, desserts and sandwiches for no more than 500 pesos for two people as well. Imagine you can get the Lost bread’s Milkshakes or Sobre-toasts for less than 200 each. You can either share it with your date, or you can have your own glasses each. Either way, these sweet treats are definitely worth the buy. On the other hand, the Sandwich guy offers their food from pasta, to sandwiches for less than 150 pesos each. Talk about another sulit date deals!

Last but not the least, if you enjoy singing as a couple, you can try Fajardo’s Family KTV. You can both enjoy drinking while singing and munching on your favorite savory treats in packages like Tuloy Pa Rin which is worth 599 pesos, Tadhana at 899, and Prinsesa at 1200 pesos. These includes drinks and meals where you can choose from their options like iced tea, pasta, pizza, viands, nachos, California maki, lumpiang shanghai, pancit canton and rice platters. Worth it for its price and a great memory to remember with your Valentine’s date as well. Now, that’s what you call putting your money in a win-win situation.

  1. Laundry dates

As adult couples, it is quite hard to set a schedule for Valentine’s especially when both of you are busy juggling your hectic schedules. If you think that dates are always defined by dining or by spending a free time together then, that’s the old norm that you have because you can still date even in your chore or errand hours. Doing laundry together while having a meaningful conversations can be considered a date and that’s what you can also do in your weekends. You can do your laundries together either at Mr. Laba-luva or at Save5. Both of these establishments offer do-it-yourself laundries where you can just chill and talk while waiting for your clothes to be fully washed and dried.

Of course your budget for this date will depend on how much clothes both of you are going to wash. Regardless, your money, budget, and time will still find its way to a productive and efficient result. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, you’re both able to do your chores and spend time with each other during the hearts’ season as well.

Spending time this Valentine ’s Day does not have to be fancy or costly. If you find yourselves stuck with a week’s worth budget and not having any extra to spend for a date, it’s definitely okay. It’s normal to have your own financial priorities and despite pulling things off, you will surely have those times where you need to tighten your belt and extend every cent that you have. That reflects on how both of you, as a couple, are responsible when it comes to your finances, it’s great that you realize that at an early age.

The hearts’ season can always be celebrated in many ways as long as you’re creative and you have your value for money. It is just practical to actually spend the money that you know won’t hurt your savings. So, these tipid tips will surely help you when planning your dreamy Valentine’s Date with your loved ones.