10 Investing Tips Every Beginner Must Know

Dec 7, 2020

With life being as hard as it is right now, every opportunity to earn additional income is something you should never dare miss. We can benefit on every chance to get a few thousands extra on our bank accounts. For this reason, the interest for investment opportunities sound more enticing than ever before.

But the thing with investment is that it can be overwhelming at times. For someone who has no background whatsoever, the terms, strategies, and technicalities can be scary. For many of us, the word ‘investor’ is often linked to men in suits that are glued to stock graphs on their screens. However, these stereotypes are not true and you can be an investor even at the comforts of your own home.

Did you know that you can start investment even with only little money to spare? And once you start generating income, we’re sure you’ll get addicted to the process!

Let’s start!

Here are simple tips that can help investing beginners have a better experience.

  1. Set your investment goals.

Before diving into unknown waters, it’s important to understand yourself first and decide where you want this venture to go. Investments can bring you money, we all know that. But, how much you need and when you want to get it vary per person. Some things that can affect your investment journey are you age, income, personal circumstances, current financial situation, and attitude towards risk.


  1. Understand that investment comes with risk.

Before you take on the adventure that is investment, prepare yourself for your new reality. No matter how often people tell you that you can predict the future and you can get a strong financial foresight, investment is partnered with risk and there is really no way for you to control the financial outcome of you investment. It’s true that investment comes with research and it may help you make smarter decisions. However, you must never forget to manage your expectations and understand that investment would also equal to a gamble of some kind, no matter how you play it.


  1. Don’t let your emotions get in the way.

Investment is a game only for those with a brave heart. This involves your money, so your approach should be something that is formal, business-like, and depending on the brain instead of the heart. When you fall in love with your investment, or when you are controlled by fear, you won’t be able to make smart and logical decisions. You don’t need all that drama when you are after earning the most profit.


  1. Invest early, invest now.

There’s no better time to jump on the bandwagon except today. Basically, the earlier you start, the better the experience will be. On a simpler approach, the sooner you take on an investment venture, the sooner you can reap rewards. And if you’re thinking smart, you’ll reinvest those earnings, keep the cycle going, until you have expanded your investment portfolio. Don’t think that you’re too young to start. As long as you’re of legal age, start reading on investment opportunities to pursue and make your future secure.

5. Try out auto investment opportunities.

There are various ways that you can explore investment opportunities and one of those is Auto Invest. This means that you can use a platform wherein you will deposit a certain amount and a brokerage firm or a company will handle the investing methods for you. By doing this, you have someone to do the work for you. This Auto Investment program is a perfect way to venture into investment even if you are busty with work and other aspects of your life.

6. Don’t take education for granted.

If you’re someone who generally has zero idea on how to handle investment, you should take a little step back before jumping into the major leagues. You don’t have to enroll in a four-year course, don’t get me wrong. But at the very least, try to spend a few days or weeks in reading books and articles about investment. Not really a reader? Consider some short courses, videos, or list-type tip lists that will not overwhelm you with information. Of course, in investment, we learn as we go. But, imagine how better equipped you will be in making decisions once you have means of understanding what’s going on.

7. Never invest the money that you need for your daily life.

It’s true that investment can be fruitful and beneficial, but there are always limits on how much you gamble away. But, really, only invest money that you can afford to lose. According to some experts an easy way to go about this is to allot a portion of your earnings and grow that amount. Always pay yourself first and ensure that you live comfortably. When you overcommit your funds to investment opportunities, you will just live life feeling stressed and nervous on how your investment will turn out. 

8. Diversify your investments.

Ask experts for advice about better investing and they’ll tell you the same thing: diversify your investments. Generally, when we say diversify, it means to spread out your funds into different types of investment. By having variation in where your money is at, you allow yourself to have fallback whatever and however the economy reacts. It will limit your risk as you allow yourself to access more industries as you go and journey on. 

9. Be consistent and regular in making investments.

Investment is a lifelong journey. If you want to make the most of it, you must do it every day. After all, you don’t have to shell out huge amounts. Just a couple of thousands can go a long way for you. In fact, if you practice the principle of compounding, you’ll see amazing results ahead of you. With consistency in this alternative income option, you will reap rewards in your future.

10. When things fail, move on.

In investment, sometimes you win, and sometimes you learn. You don’t get extremely high returns every time, and that’s okay. If you invested in something and it did not work out, take it as a learning experience and move on. Don’t carry the burden in your ego and wallow in sadness. An opportunity will come along again, just enjoy the game and grow as you go.

If it is passive income you’re after, investment will always be an excellent way to achieve your goals. As a beginner, take everything as a learning experience, don’t rush, and enjoy the journey.

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